Which teether is right for my baby?

We know we’ve got quite a selection of teethers and teething toys for your baby and it can be quite overwhelming deciding which one you need to relieve that dreaded teething pain. But did you know they are all actually a little different – with some BIG advantages for your teething baby! Each of our teethers have been designed with come really cool, functional features to assist teething babies in more ways than one. They're completely safe too - we invest a lot into the safety of our products and all of our teethers are independently tested in a lab to comply with Australian mandatory safety standards (AS/NZS ISO 8124.1). 

Check out the differences within our range and find the perfect option for your teething baby: 


Best of both worlds

A combined silicone and wood design gives baby the best of both teething worlds - silky soft silicone to massage and sooth those sore gums plus the hard texture of the beech wood for greater relief, which may even assist teeth to break through that last layer of gum. You may find baby favours the softer silicone texture while teeth are moving around under the gum, then hit the hard beech wood when things start to get serious. Check out our combined range here >


Cool it, baby!

If your teether is all silicone, like our GUMMI teether or popular BUNNY & BEAR teethers (or any of our moulded silicone designs for that matter), you can pop it in the fridge or freezer for 30-40 minutes (just to cool, you don’t want to actually freeze) for extra teething relief. Babies will love the cool sensation on sore gums! Wood isn’t suitable for the fridge or freezer, so just make sure it’s an all silicone design Check out our all silicone designs here >


Age of reason

Our range have been designed with two distinct age groups in mind – the younger babies / earlier teethers and older babies / toddlers. Younger babies are best suited to basic ring style teethers, like our RATTLE or DUO which have been sized specifically for little hands and mouths, while older babies will find greater enjoyment in our toy-based teethers – designed specifically to combine play-based elements with those teething texture to create teething toys that grow with your babe. Our SHAPES or KEYS teethers are popular choices.


What's that sound?

Let’s not forget SOUND! Babies love and are totally intrigued by sound. Any of our teethers with more than one wooden component make a sweet rattle sound. Try the RATTLE and SHAPES teethers or for a softer sound created by integrated wooden beads, check out our Woodland Friends or SOLAR teethers. Not only will baby loved exploring those textures with their little hands and mouths, they’ll love the sensory element of creating noise too.


While all babies are different in their preferences, you’ll be sure to find a teether to suit your babe and their requirements but if you’re still not sure, we’re always happy to help – just contact us. If you're in the market for two teethers, we'd always recommend a combined silicone and wood design plus an all-silicone design to compliment one another – that way, you have both teething textures plus one that you can cool for the extra relief (hint: you can get both in our gorgeous Keepsake Box gift sets – plus a reusable box to store all of babe’s precious keepsakes). Another advantage of two teethers? Leave one at home and one in the nappy bag and never be without one on hand!

Our beaded teethers are presented in gorgeous 'My teether' calico bags too, perfect to store them between chomp sessions and great presentation for gift buying too.  Our teethers are so popular for baby shower gifts and new baby gifts – such a unique, treasured gift.

And just because it's Mother's Day soon, don’t forget we also have a great range of silicone necklaces and accessories for mumma too! Shop necklaces here >

Elisa Reeves

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