The half-dozen: 6 Easter baby gifts

The half-dozen: Our TOP 6 picks for Easter Baby Gifts 

Wondering what would make the perfect Easter gift for baby’s first Easter? Most parents shy away from chocolate at this age (or at least for their babe, anyway) so the hunt is on to find beautiful, chocolate alternatives with an Easter-inspired twist. Good thing the Easter bunny is popular at this time of year, because anything bunny makes the perfect Easter baby gifts. Whether it’s a newborn gift or nearing their first birthday, here’s our pick:


Teethers… of course.

It goes without saying teethers and teething toys are a great baby gift idea at this age – in the first year those teeth are bound to be making a break for it, but we think we’ve got this one particularly covered! Hello CHOCOLATE BUNNY teethers – our bestselling bunny teethers have had an Easter makeover and are available in three, special edition Easter-inspired colours including… wait for it… chocolate! Yes. Bunny, tick. Chocolate, tick. Chewable, tick. But not edible, tick. That’s Easter done. If you do want something a little, well, more, you can’t go passed our personalisation options. From our Silicone Name teethers to engraving any of the wooden components, we can transfer an already beautiful teether into the perfect AND practical keepsake.




Or at least a baby book to include those memories. We know you’re in your first year and that’s the perfect time to start recording those important milestones – you’re through the newborn haze but not so much so that you’ve forgotten all those precious moments… which is kinda exactly why you need a baby book in the first place! Trust us, 5 years on all of those precious moments you are absolutely sure will never leave your brain have somehow vanished. Or faded a little. Maybe to make room for all of the other amazing memories, that join them. We ramble (thanks, baby brain) but the point is, a beautiful baby book like our fav from Blueberry Co Baby to record those moments, including baby’s first Easter, is the perfect Easter gift for babies. And not only do Blueberry Co Baby have the sweetest baby book, you;’ll find a host of other gorgeous memory books to record all of your important memories.



Mind the mess.

So within that first 12 months babies tend to be a little messy. Ok, they’re messy well beyond that first 12 months but what if there was stylish, practical, AND adorable tablewear option – that just so happened to be a BUNNY! Heeeellllooo baby Easter gifts. We couldn’t go past the amazing placies and snackies from the gorgeous We Might Be Tiny – they’re super modern, minimalist and sure to be right at home in even the fanciest house, but man do they do their job! The silicone placies wipe straight clean and the snackies keep those snacks (mostly) contained. The beautiful



These boot at made for… egg hunting.

Whether they’re walking or crawling or exploring those first baby steps, Easter is sure to include the Easter egg hunt. Get them ready for adventure with beautiful, soft shoes that are designed just for little feet, like the range of mocs and sandals from Just Ray Baby. For new walkers, leave a pair of sandals with a note from the Easter Bunny, encouraging your little one to venture out on their first Easter egg hunt. As they head out searching for their chocolate bunny silicone teethers, just make sure you capture the moment in your baby book!



Wooden it be nice.

Wooden nursery décor. It’s modern, natural and beautiful and when we were looking for Easter gift ideas for babies, we couldn’t help but hunt down the best wooden bunnies. And we found our fav with Faith Lane. These gorgeous handcrafted and hand decorated bunnies are not only the perfect Easter gift, they’ll be home in your nursery (and big boy/girl room when you make the transition) for years to come! And even better…. there’s so many sweet, cool, hip options to choose from depending on your style – Chief Hoppi, Rueben Rabbit, Willow Bunny, there is seriously something for everyone!



Wrap it up.

A beautiful wrap or blanket is such a popular baby gift, whether it’s to celebrate their baby shower, newborn arrival, first Christmas or Easter. Add a bunny and voila, baby’s first Easter gift is sorted! There’s so many beautiful designs and we can’t go passed the modern Bunny Chief print from Aster & Oak. It’s on trend and sure to be at home in any nursery. Even better, they’re made with the softest, organic materials and are an extra large size making them perfect as a swaddle, throw rug, picnic rug or just to snuggle up with – talk about multi-use! I still cherish my boys baby blankets, so make yours extra specials with these for baby’s first Easter gift.


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