Mindful and simplicity gifting

Our Simplicity Gift Tags are fast becoming one of the best-sellers from our Christmas range so we thought we’d recap just what these tags do and why they are so amazing!

Simplicity gifting, otherwise know as mindful gifting, is exactly that… simplifying gifting to really focus on what is important, wanted and needed.

Christmas is a beautiful time of year but with consumerism rising during this time, as well as the associated waste of not only unwanted and unused products, but also valuable resources in the manufacturing and delivery of those products, it’s no wonder simplicity and mindful gifting is becoming so popular. Children are also easily influenced by those around them… what other children have, what current trends are, Santa’s magical ability to bring whatever they want, making it an often overwhelming time for parents. Let’s face it, Christmas is so much more enjoyable when the Christmas shopping is done and it just becomes about spending time with family and friends.


How to start with simplicity gift giving

Grab yourself a set of Simplicity Gift Tags (our timber tags are even reusable each year – now that’s a win/win!), sit down and start your list – this is most important, as the thought and planning is essential to mindful gifting. We offer a set of four tags, which can be personalised for your children, with ‘want, need, wear and read’. By shopping to the set themes on the gift tags, it not only helps to avoid all those unnecessary purchases, it also ensures each gift is well thought-out.

Now, let’s dig into those themes…

Something you want

Here’s the opportunity to tick off those items from Santa’s list, but sticking to the one thing you know your child really wants ensures they are not overwhelmed on Christmas morning with toys they never look at again. For your littlest loves, we love our Keys Teether, Baby Blocks and Name Puzzles. They’re all great gifts for baby and toddlers, and extra special with our personalised touch. Plus they’re perfect for their developing sense of play and exploration.

Something you need

This is a great opportunity to add in something that is not only beautiful, but practical too. Each year Santa brings our children their school bag for the following year – not only is it something they need, they love that Santa has brought them something to prepare for the year ahead. For little ones just starting to explore solids or self-care, our Silicone Scoop Bowl and Spoon Sets or Baby Hairbrush sets are a great option (plus you can personalise them too).

Something to wear

Everything from pyjamas to new clothes fit the brief perfectly here but there’s many other options too – from our Amber Teething Necklaces to our Limited Edition Christmas Catch Bib and Spoon Sets, think outside the square and add something unique for your littlest ones. 

Something to read

Reading is so important as our children grow and develop so ensuring there’s a book or two in the Santa sack is a great idea. You can also add in a set of our Alphabet Flash Cards (or our AlphaBET Chews for teething babes), which help promote early letter recognition and grow with your toddler – out Prep teacher recommended flash cards to help with further development of word sounds so flash cards are a great long term investment. You can even colour-in ours and wipe clean!


Whatever you decide on for each theme, taking the time to consider the gift/s for each theme really will ensure a mindful approach to gift giving this Christmas.  

Don’t forget, although we have focused on how we can help tick off the list for your littlest babes, you can adopt simplicity gifting to kids of all ages.


Elisa Reeves

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