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Timber pregnancy milestone card - 30 weeks

We’ve just released our new Milestones by ONE.CHEW.THREE and we’re so excited by this new product, we hope you love them too! Expecting our third baby made us release just how important it is to capture these memories, because as much as I hate to admit it, some details of the boy’s pregnancies and newborn/baby stages are just escaping me now. That’s baby brain, right? Sure, I remember the big stuff – the pregnancy, births, first birthdays, the five more than have since followed. But recently I was interested to compare my current size (baby number three feels sooooo much bigger) with the boys at similar stages, so out came their baby boxes. Flicking through those memories I realised I don’t remember everything the pictures showed me. There were so many little details that just bought back even more memories that I hadn’t quite forgotten, but I also hadn’t remembered to think about. And the emotions that they bought with them!

There were also pictures that I couldn’t quite place the when… or who. Yep, pregnant bellies that I couldn’t confidently allocate to either of my boys or monthly baby photos that I couldn’t quite put in order – details that I never actually expected to ever forget! It got me wondering why I didn’t use milestone plaques at the time but it also got me thinking about those plaques and what if they did capture more detail. Enter our personalised milestone plaques so you can capture (and remember) every precious moment!

Whether it’s baby’s nickname through the pregnancy (ours is totally original… Baby Reeves #3) or baby’s name on age, developmental or first milestones, our Milestones range aims to help you capture it all in way you won’t forget! Each milestone plaque can be dated on the reverse too, so you can cherish them as a keepsake with the photos and never forgot the when… or who!

So Milestone cards are sorted, but what about taking those pics? We asked our fav Sunshine Coast photographer, Susan-Jane Photography for her 10 tips on taking ah-mazing pregnancy photos, baby photos and family pictures you’ll treasure for ever!

  1. Try ‘a photo a day’ project capture those everyday moments – trust us, you’ll look back on these raw, everyday moments and be grateful you captured them!
  2. See the light – make sure you position your subject so you don’t create any harsh shadows in your images. Changing positions or softening the light but drawing a curtain slightly can make all the difference.
  3. Focus on the eyes – they really are the window to the soul and can reveal so much!
  4. For stunning images, trying shooting in the golden hours of sunrise and sunset
  5. Use reflections as part of your images – this works particularly well for pregnancy photos where you can capture more than one angle in a mirror.
  6. Think about composition – use negative space, shapes and angles with the main subject to create an interesting image. You can frame your images with trees / architecture and watch your background too – there’s nothing worse than some rogue rubbish in the background!
  7. Don’t be afraid to capture movements in photos
  8. Convert to black and white – some images can create even more emotion in black and white so it’s perfect for pregnancy photos and birth photos.
  9. Natural is always best – try to capture raw emotion though unposed movements. When working with smaller children, a little bribe can go a long way! Hide a treat (sticker, favourite toy, etc) around what you want them to engage with so they naturally interact with the subject – or at leats appear to!
  10. Get rid of the ‘cheese’! Retain from saying cheese, instead tell a joke or play the ‘you can’t smile’ game – this is guaranteed to make someone smile without the cheesy grin.

And our last tip? Don’t forget a professional shoot every now and again. As much as taking everyday pics builds a beautiful library of your life, professional photography is also a beautiful way to celebrate your growing family – and makes sure no one is left behind the camera! Susan has captured maternity and newborn sessions, as well as the boys first birthdays for us and now that we’ll be doing it again with baby number three, we’ll also score some beautiful pics of our boys at 5 and 3 years old, too. 

A huge thank to Susan at Susan Jane Photography for these professional tips. You can visit her site

Elisa Reeves

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