Benefits of amber for teething relief

Amber teething necklace - close up of beads

We’ve been rounding up our favourite teething remedies to add to our online store because we seriously want to help all the mummas and teething baby’s out there. We love teethers, because they take advantage of baby’s natural instinct to chew and also provide baby with the control for relieving teething pain – they get to choose the texture and how hard to chomp down, so it’s personalised relief and all natural.


But having survived two teething babies, we know it can suck and sometimes a baby chew toy isn’t quite enough to get through the sleepless night and irritability that comes with teething. We’ve been hunting down our fav and some of the most well known natural teething aides and remedies and we found one commonly occurring element – amber!


So we thought we’d take a closer look at this and see what all the fuss is actually about! Amber is a natural tree resin formed over millions of year – most between 60-90 millions years, in fact! Baltic amber is sourced from the Baltic region, which is one of the largest regions of amber deposits in the world. Amber actually contains high traces of Succincic Acid (also known as Amber Acid), which has long been recognised in Ancient Europe as a natural analgesic and healing agent and was used as a natural antibiotic long before scientists discovered modern day antibiotics.


The benefits of amber are often cited to include natural pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects, boost of immune system and helping to combat infections and fatigue. These natural properties make it not only ideal for teething, but many adult ailments including arthritis, aches and pains.


But back to teething… these benefits of amber are so well suited to the symptoms of teething. It can help reduce teething pain and associated drooling, can assist skin conditions and rashes often bought on by teeth moving, and can assist in general


Amber works best when heated by the skin which releases the natural oils. Amber teething necklaces and bracelets, specifically designed and sized for children are ideal due to their close contact to the skin. As with any product for children though, safety precautions must be strictly followed, including not leaving your baby unsupervised while wearing amber jewellery (this includes while sleeping). You can shop our range of gorgeous amber teething necklaces here, or checkout our other amber based products like the new amber fabric teething bibs and amber fabric bunny ear teether – both made from a patented amber fabric with real Baltic amber fibres and designed to work in much the same way as amber teething necklace. Shop them here.


Other natural remedies that support teething include essential oils and we particularly love Tiny Tonics - the teething babe roller blend includes the addition of genuine amber stones which support the aromatherapy benefit of the essential oil. We also stock their sleepy babe variety (because good sleep is soooo important to both mum and bub). Both blends can help support baby through teething and poor sleep and are great to use when amber necklaces can’t be – like night time! Shop Tiny Tonics here.


This blog is compiled on anecdotal evidence and we do not make any therapeutics claims about the amber products we stock. Amber has not been scientifically proven and as with all natural remedies, results may vary.

Elisa Reeves

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