Choosing the Best Teething Rings for Infants/Babies and Where to Buy Small Teethers in Australia

Sooner or later, your new baby will begin cutting teeth. When this happens, babies often go through periods of irritability and discomfort as those sharp little teeth start breaking through tender gums. It can take years for all the teeth to come in, and parents enjoy watching each new arrival, even though it can be a challenge to keep baby comfortable during the process. Somewhere around four to six months old (although this varies), your baby will begin cutting their first tooth – typically one of the lower front teeth. Other teeth soon follow, and the pain can make your baby quite unhappy.

This pain is sometimes what drives babies to bite down on anything and everything they can find. The pressure on their gums relieves some of the pain, helping soothe them and get them through teething a little more comfortable. Of course, babies also love to bite things out of sheer curiosity; it’s an excellent way for them to learn about their surroundings. In either case, you can find teething rings for infants/babies that can accomplish dual purposes: satisfying curiosity and soothing teething pain.

Teething toys come in many different sizes, shapes, and materials. You can find small teething rings in wood or silicone, plush toys with teething components, and even teething necklaces designed to be worn by mum so baby can explore them while being fed or carried. No matter what they look like, their essential function is to give babies something to chew on – and that means it’s vital to choose safe teething toys.


Teething rings in Australia undergo rigorous safety testing and must comply with safety standards to ensure that they aren’t choking hazards, nor contain harmful chemicals. That’s why all our small teething rings and teething jewellery at ONE.CHEW.THREE are made from natural wood or food-grade silicone. We understand the importance of providing non-toxic, safe teethers without BPA, phthalates, PVC, and other potentially harmful chemicals. Our wood teethers are unfinished – never painted – so you don’t have to worry about paint chipping off. They also will not absorb odours or harbour bacteria, mould, or fungus.


Make sure to pick out teethers that are strong enough to withstand playtime. Our teethers are designed with no sharp edge, made of non-splintering wood or high-quality silicone, and sturdy enough to last. We also offer teething jewellery and nursing necklaces, toys designed to hold baby’s attention while being fed or carried. You can also look for teethers with varied textures and multiple areas for babies to chew, as these are entertaining and baby will love discovering all their different elements.

Buying Teething Rings in Australia

If you’re looking for teething rings for infants/babies, you can find them at ONE.CHEW.THREE. We have everything you need to help your baby sail through teething in style and comfort. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your baby’s first toothy grin and wondering where the time went. Get in touch with ONE.CHEW.THREE to learn more.