A BPA Free Teething Necklace Makes a Unique Baby Shower Gift

In our fast-paced 21st Century culture, it’s helpful to be able to count on products that are safe and affordable. When it comes to baby products, parents appreciate good value and high-quality products made from safe, durable materials. While there are many baby products available on the market, not all are created equal or designed with the safety of your growing family in mind.

At ONE.CHEW.THREE, we are proud to offer some of the most on-trend and top-quality baby, products, teething toys and accessories on the market. For example, our BPA free teething necklaces and solar silicone and beech wood teethers offer babies chewy food grade silicone to gnaw on and give parents an opportunity to provide their kids with natural teething relief.

Our teethers are designed to massage sore gums and allow little fingers to grasp the teethers easily. The flat beechwood rings are intended to encourage babies’ tiny hands to hang on to the teether and get relief. We have experienced that beechwood can assist the teeth to break through the gums and provide teethers with much-needed teething relief.

For parents, our silicone BPA free teething necklaces offer a robust teething solution for a suffering baby. Our teethers come with a handy carrying pouch to keep the BPA free teething necklaces clean and safe between uses. Also, our products can be personalised to make a truly memorable and unique baby shower gift.

When you’re looking for a unique baby shower gift or items for your own baby, give our baby products a try. Browse our online store or contact us today.