Those Terrible Twos

You’ve made it passed the newborn fog, you’re finally starting to figure out your little person and have worshipped that too cuuuute 18 month old stage (my fav) and BAM, two hits. Don’t get me wrong, I loooove all things baby and toddler but man, can these terrible twos test us! My Master 2 is half way through this stage - and here’s what we’re up to.


Attitude – this is when that attitude really shows. Headstrong, independent, demanding, impatient. Whatever it is, the attitude is coming. My little man often says no, screws his face up in disgust, stomps his feet (thanks The Very Cranky Bear) or god forbid, brings out a wussy little punch or kick to really get your attention. I’d love to say they listen, but the truth is they don’t. If they want to go that way, they will.  Or that way, sure. Get in the way and… tantrum.


Use your words – I’ve muttered these words often, praying for the day he can actually communicate what he wants. And now he does. Which is mostly useful, except for the fact that toddlers are now also putting the world together and realising how to work things to their advantage. Some great examples – squeezing out a tiny nugget just to get out of bed, calling out at 1am with a booger on his finger, or dobbing on his brother for hitting him when he actually hasn’t. He’ll also proudly confess himself a ‘naughty boy’ with that too-cute cheeky smirk. You know, the one you can barely stop yourself from laughing cause as much as these little humans test up, man they’re funny too!


I do it – those three words you’ll hear constantly from a 2 year old who now wants to try to do everything! Getting dressed. I do it. Changing a nappy. I do it. Buckling up. I do it. Sauce on dinner. I do it. You name it, everything you need done, whether you need it done in a hurry or not, they’ll want to do. By. Them. Selves (except packing away, that is). And if you so much dare to intervene, you’re back at tantrums.


I’ll just put this here…

Throwing… what’s with this? Sees something, picks up, throws. Why? I REALLY don’t know. Our most embarrassing scene… new swimming class, walks in, picks up a sweater from the chair and throws it in the pool. It happened so fast this unsuspecting mumma was powerless to stop it so instead got to fetch it out of the water, wring it out and hang it up neatly (OK, washing ISN’T my strong point) and then sit next to it waiting to own up to the owner – who thankfully never returned! All the while Master 2 was kicking and splashing his heart content. I’ll also add to this one biting and licking, again for no reason whatsoever…



Tantrums – anything sets off a two-year old. Think that newborn cry is loud, it’s nothing on a tantruming toddler! I experienced my first serious toddler tantrum with my first son – picture this: 39 weeks pregnant with a tantruming toddler starfishing on the floor of our local shopping centre. I could barely reach my toes, let alone wrangle this little beast for a hasty retreat home (minus the milk)! I could tell you a million stories – like when he instructed me to connect two Duplo blocks that didn’t actually fit together… or when the toast he left in the morning wasn’t still there ready to be eaten when he got home from daycare – but I think this one is best experienced first-hand. Good luck mummas!


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all terrible. 2 year olds are mastering that cute toddler run, they’re putting together words and the cutest of little sentences, if there’s an older sibling they’re starting to play together in whole new ways, and there’s still nothing better than a cuddle with mum.


Elisa Reeves

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