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The time has come... Josie has started teething! The rosy red cheeks, the unsettled sleep, the constant neediness. Teething is NOT easy on anyone! We thought we'd take the opportunity to recap our fave natural teething products for any other Mumma's out there.

Teething is a process and one that takes time - sometimes a LOT of time! Teeth move up and down under the gum, long before you see them. Then they decide to break through and when they finally do, you take a sigh of relief. Only for it is start again on the next one, two, three, four teeth... sometimes you feel like it can take forever for one measly tooth. Other times they pop through, almost unnoticed. However it happens, your babe will go through some good runs and not-so-good runs so be prepared!


Here's our top picks to help relieve teething pain for your baby, naturally:

Teethers like our exclusive ARROW teether are perfect to massage and soothe sore gums. Teethers take advantage of baby's natural instinct to chew and allows baby to self-manage where and how hard they chomp down - putting them in control! As a bonus, teethers made of all silicone can also be popped in the fridge or freezer to cool for extra soothing relief on gums. Shop now >


Amber necklaces are renowned for natural pain relief to support babies through teething. Natural amber helps boost the immune, supports skin conditions and is a wonderfully calming stone - perfect for teething babies! Our Lotus Love and Winter Dream styles also combine precious gems for added benefits and a beautiful, stylish finishing touch. Shop now >


This style of teether provides the best of both teething worlds for baby - the silky soft silicone to massage and soothe plus the harder texture of beech wood for bub to really chomp down on when teeth are getting closer to the gum. Wood may even assist teeth to break through that final layer. Again, baby is in complete control to choose which texture they prefer and when. Shop now >


Tiny Tonic's essential oil roller blends have been mindfully formulated to maximise therapeutic and aromatic benefits. 'Teething Babe' soothes and calms irritability and teething pain and is positively charged with the comforting energy of amber, while 'Sleepy Time' settles busy little minds and encourages a deep and restful sleep. Shop now >

Jack N' Jill Teething Gel temporarily relieves the symptoms of simple restlessness, irritability and sore gums due to teething. The soothing formula contains chamomile and calendula and is a natural alternative to Bonjela - just apply along gums when needed. Natural, mild vanilla flavour. Shop now >


One last one from Jack N' Jill - because when those toothy pegs do come up, you'll need to keep them squeaky clean and start good habits from a young age. The double-sided silicone finger brush is so easy to use and is great for massaging and cleaning first teeth and gums from as young as 6 months old. Shop now >

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