Mother of Dragons (ahem, boys).

Ok, so they’re not technically dragons. But they like to roar, they think they can breathe fire and they're pretty sure they CAN actually fly! Yep, I’m a mum of boys. 2 boys. Even the dog’s a boy. It’s noisy, chaotic, hectic, non-stop and I wouldn’t have it any other way (or would I?). I’ve always said boys are different - mostly while I watch friends around me with girls who sit and colour quietly while my boys have stacked the couch cushions as high as they can to test the flying theory. Did I mention they’re 2 and 4?

So, while I’m sure there are little girls out there who cause just as much trouble as boys , I thought I’d share my #mumofboys experiences to a) prepare any mums of newborn boys and b) prepare me for what’s to come, cause I’m sure the worse is not over!



We’ve all heard it the definition for boys: noise with dirt on it. Well, it couldn’t a more accurate description. Boys like to make noise. Lot’s of it. For no apparent reason. A seemingly peaceful moment can be broken with a random, high-pitch scream. Why? I’m still trying to work that out.


En garde.

If there is anything at all lying around that could pass as a sword, it will! Everything and anything can transform boys to superheros in an instant – add two boys and you’ve got double the trouble. And with superheros, there’s villains and combat and, well, more noise.


Quiet time.

My boys do sit calmly and watch a movie. For a millisecond. Which can be slightly lengthened with the bribe of a snack. A bowl of popcorn will not only get us through 5 minutes of a movie and some much needed down time (for mum), it also delays the next ‘Mum… I’m hungry’ (by a millisecond). Which brings me to… 


Growing boys.

Growing boys eat. A lot. And I have a feeling, at 2 and 4 years old, I haven’t even seen the start of this one. I’ve heard rumours of boys eating parents out of house and home, and while my boys are still little, I can already see the signs of how this can happen (3 pieces of toast for breakfast for a 2 year old?!?). Help me with teenage boys!


Wee ones.

I’ll be honest, this one has only just started to kick in with Master 4 and will hopefully be short lived until he’s old enough to go in unsupervised. But... Mum. Boys. Public Toilet. Up until now we have used the ladies without fuss, but just recently I’ve been faced with absolute refusal to wee unless he can go to the boys. Time to head home. Quick! 


Mummy’s boys.

So they’re active, rough and a little crazy, but boys can also be the sweetest, most loving creatures. They love cuddles, can never say ‘I love you’ enough and will proudly announce you look like ‘Queen Elsa’ when you so much as shower (thanks, bud). Yep, boys love their mummas and I’ll always cherish this special bond I have with my boys.

Elisa Reeves


Elisa Reeves

Ahhh this is exactly my household, a partner, large boy dog 6, two sons 1.5 and just 4 so messy noisy, as I like to say ’I’m never bored!’ And there is always fun to be had. I got myself three girl chicken and three girl ducks… they balance it out, I have ‘my girls’ ?

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