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When we first decided to launch our blog, it seemed only natural that our first post would tell you a little bit about ONE.CHEW.THREE.

We sat down with, well, us and answered all the tough questions. Ok, maybe not the tough ones but they’re the ones you most commonly ask about me and ONE.CHEW.THREE.


Who are the brains behind ONE.CHEW.THREE?

That’s me. I’m Elisa, a mumma, a marketer and a maker. My days are stretched between looking after my two boys – almost 2 and 4, a corporate marketing job and (the fav) ONE.CHEW.THREE. I probably should mention the husband too (hey, babe). I’m naturally creative so I think I’m pretty good at the fun stuff – developing and creating new ideas, I’m not so great at accounting, housework and getting my boys to eat vegetables (feel free to share any suggestions in the comments below…)


What started ONE.CHEW.THREE?

In short, mat leave and the desire to do something that stretched me a little more than nursery rhymes (although granted some of them are pretty tricky!) But I fell in love with silicone necklaces and how gentle they were to wear around my newborn, but I couldn’t find a style that I really, really loved to wear. So I created my own! We are now 12 months in and have found our feet in all things teething as well as necklaces and accessories. I’m so passionate about new and unique designs, I can’t wait to keep bringing all of my ideas to ideas to life.


What’s the biggest challenge?

Other than time to do it all (high five to every mum out there), the compliance side of baby and children’s products is very involved. Designing to standards and testing to make sure everything complies is costly and time consuming, but something we are so passionate about. There’s cheaper options out there, but I can’t stress enough to make sure you are buying safe and compliant products. It’s not worth it – nothing is more important than safety!


Favourite moment?

The ARROW teether launch, for sure. It was such a humbling feeling to have so many accounts on Instagram so generously help me out – organising 140 accounts to post their own pic at the same time was no small feat but it made me some great insta-friends along the way. It’s such as supportive community and I love it! And of course every bit of feedback I get from my amazing customers! Hearing how so many of your babes adore what we do, keeps me up at midnight beading away (literally).


What’s next?

What’s not!?! I’m known by my friends as an all in kinda gal so ONE.CHEW.THREE has exploded partially because if I do something, I do it 110%. My vision for ONE.CHEW.THREE was always to create a brand known for all things teething with a modern twist, so launching new and unique design is a massive part of what we do. I like styles that straddle teethers and toddler play, like the KEYS TO MY HEART teether, so expect more along these lines. I’ve got two copyright applications waiting approval too which I’m so excited about. The hardest thing with copyright is keeping the design under wraps until they’re formally approved! There’s genuinely heaps more to come, so we hope you'll stick around for the ride.

And that's us. From our family to yours, THANK YOU for supporting ONE.CHEW.THREE and our little dream. Elisa x

Elisa Reeves

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