Children's Amber Necklace - RAINBOW BAROQUE (Polished)


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Beautiful multi-tone baroque amber beads in a stunning rainbow ombre design - available in both polished and raw amber.

Baltic amber, a plant resin, is formed over millions of years and renowned for natural pain relief to support baby through teething. It can also help boost the immune , support skin conditions and is a wonderfully calming stone - perfect for teething babies! Amber releases its natural oils when it is gently heated against the skin which is absorbed absorbed through the skin.

These beautiful creations are handmade by Amberocks using authentic Baltic Amber from Lithuania. Each bead is individually knotted and the screw clasp is designed to break under stress. Each necklace is approx. 30cm.

Each amber bead is completely unique - and that's what makes each piece so special. But this also means each products may be slightly different to what is pictured.


Amber necklaces, also known as amber teething necklaces should only be worn under adult supervision and MUST be removed while sleeping. This is strictly not a toy and baby should not mouth or handle the amber necklace. Refer to all safety and care instructions supplied. Effectiveness of amber is based on anecdotal evidence and we do not make any therapeutics claims about the amber products we stock. Amber has not been scientifically proven and as with all natural remedies, results may vary.

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